Bushnell Marine 7×50 Waterproof/Fog Proof Binoculars

binoculars 7x50Bushnell Optical Was founded By David Bushnell a little over 65 years ago in Japan . He purchased a pair of binoculars while he was on a honeymoon in Japan. The Binoculars impressed him so much  he purchased several Pairs and turned around an sold them to his friends and that is where he realized  there was a market for them. Mid Ocean partners  purchased Bushnell optics in 2007

My experience with Bushnell  optics wether be scopes or binoculars  is not from owning those products but the ones I have  had the pleasure using  are phenomenal .From the research I have done on the Bushnell Marine 7×50 Binoculars I would highly recommend them as excellent binoculars.These binoculars are built for the extreme marine enviroments .Smioutdoor .com will not only be offering these great binoculars but also other great bushnell products.


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Abu Garcia Reels

Abu Garcia 400ui spin reelThe Abu Garcia cardinal 400ui Freshwater Reel features Seven Bearings with additional anti reverse bearing that stops fish in its track.It is made out of lightweight graphite which would not weigh you down and a Stealth Oscilitation System that allows for even line lay on spool.

If you are a new fisherman and d0 not know  what  reel you want I suggest you  buy a good reliable and inexpensive Reel such as the Abu Garcia Cardinal . You do not have to buy 200.00 reel to get a good quality reel. The quality of reel must be good but just because you have 200.00 reel does not mean you are going catch fish. The equipment is one part of you succeeding but technique is the other part.

I have been fishing for twenty some years and I have not spent more than seventy dollars on reels and not more than $100.00 on Fishing rods except on my salt water fishing rods .In that time have caught lot of fish and quite few 30lb fish. As a Starter rod I highly recommend Shakespeare Ugly Stik .The flexbility you get out of  that Rod is unbelievable and I suggest the Abu Garcia Cardinal c400ui spinning Reel as great starter and you can buy those 2 pieces of equipment for under $80.00

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PowerDrive™ V2 FreshWater Bow-Mount Trolling Motor

Minn Kota Powerdrive 50 PD v2-bow mount Trolling motorThe Year 2014 marks 80 Years for the Minn Kota  Motor Company. Minn Kota opened Its door in 1934 in Fargo North Dakota.The inventor  of the trolling motor Mr. Schmidt started the company originally by the making of a soldering torch in the town of Wheatland. North Dakota.Because of the success of the torch he moved the company to Fargo ,North Dakota.The Name Minn Kota was derived from the fact that they were so close to the Minnesota and North Dakota border. The first Minn Kota Marine motor came out in 1934 was an electric gear driven motor and new versions have been built over the years. My experience with these motors are limited but The Minn Kota Motors that I Have experienced have been exceptional and produce great power for being an electric powered motor and would highly recommend it as good Trolling Motor for fishing  or even as safety motor if your bigger breaks down.I admit that it isn’t  good motor if your lookin for speed but for things mentioned early in this blog it is a great motor. SMIOutdoor. com has available right now the Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 50 PD V2-Bow Mount Trolling Motor and in the future hope have more so experience Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 50 PD V2-Bow Mount Trolling Motor

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Spot Messenger 2 Gps

GPSGPS which stands for Global Positioning Systems is a Space Satellite Navigation System that provides information about location and time in all weather conditions all over the earth . The system was developed in 1973 to conquer limitations in previous navigation systems. It however did not become fully operational until 1995 and was originally created by Bradford Parkinson, Roger L Easton and Ivan A Getting.

Some of newer setups using the original design are the Handheld GPS units and the Vehicle GPS units. You can find Spot GPS Handheld Messenger  on  Smioutdoor.com and in the future there will be more GPS units

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Coleman Stoves

COLEMAN STOVEThe 3 burner Instastart Stove From Coleman is compact stove for easier transport.Its three Burners are designed to distribute heat all over no matter what you are cooking.The Stove comes with perfect heat technology, Wind block shields, and a perfect flow pressure control system.The Perfect Heat Technology provides a gaurantee that for what ever you are cooking the heat is just right.The Wind Block Shields Provide the Stove with a wind barrier so elements do not blow out. The Perfect Flow Pressure Control System Keeps the heat steady on each of the Stove Burners.
Because I am an owner of th 425 series dual burner campstove and a coleman lantern I can and will proudly endorse these products for there price as great and useful product

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